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About Us

You may have noticed that the two artists behind Studio Alão​ share a surname. Indeed, it's in the Studio's name itself. This is because they are a creative mother-and-son duo who collaborate in the broad mission of creating beautiful spaces. The difference between them is that while one works with transcendent emotion, the other works with physical tectonics.

In spirit, Studio Alão was founded by Nella in 1996  after the consolidation  of learning  and creation of her recognised first works of fine art. With Rafael's arrival, his foray into the world of architecture, and a long-running revelation that creativity seems to run in the family, Studio Alão was given its official name in 2020 with the intention of reconnecting with our artistic lineage. Our logo is composed of the Alão coat of arms, recovered from a design of signet ring which has been produced for members of our family throughout generations.



Rafael Alao artist, architect

Rafael Alão

Rafael is an artist and architect-in-training based in East Sussex, UK.

Intrigued by all types of spaces, whether real or imaginary, Rafael endeavours to tell their story through the physical details that compose the intangible whole.

In his architectural design work, Rafael ensures respect for a site's existing qualities and sensitivities as part of his approach towards a sustainably positive future.

artist painter Nella Alao

Nella Alão

Nella Alão é uma pintora artista radicada em East Sussex, Reino Unido. Ela cria belas e unicas artes inspiradas nos cenários da natureza que a rodeiam por onde ela vai e ela se encanta ., Como ela também ama decoracao de interiores ela trabalha desde 1996 na reforma de interiores, especialmente na reforma de móveis , renovando peças vintage de qualidade.

Quando ela encontra uma peça que ama, ela quer dar'lhe uma segunda vida.

Também atua nas artes decorativas utilizando as técnicas em ornamentos, douramento de peças e pintura em porcelana fina.

Studio Alão Lda é a sociedade jurídica na qual trabalha.

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