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Original watercolour painting on quality 300gsm acid-free paper. Paper size of 29.7cm x 21cm (A4).


Rain falls lightly on a low valley basin from high-flying clouds, trickling into a winding river that widens into a floodplain in this beautiful landscape full of soft, warm blue hues. The terrain of interlocking hills beside the river are defined in contour but shrouded by an irregular mist as a result of the rainstorm, and the clouds above appear in motion with their tones blurred and hazy.


This is a scene characteristic of nature's beauty and gentle touch, as even a storm can transform a landscape into a tranquil and serene vista of flowing water.


This painting forms part of the Province of Water series (click to visit).


Free shipping. Watercolours are posted in a reinforced, board-backed envelope.

Tempestade no rio


10% OFF on orders over £1,500

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